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Chocolate Brownies

The quality of the chocolate is essential here, the cocoa ought to be organic Green and Black’s is good, but the chocolate has to have a high hot chocolate strong content, cheap baking chocolate will not cut it here. I quite like to create it with chocolate 85% hot chocolate, but the family say that’s rather bitter and they will not eat it, so horror of horrors, somebody must bite to bite the bullet and eat them and it always me! A high fat hot chocolate strong chocolate should be over 70%. I love to bake my brownies inside a glass pyres dish, however any baking or roasting tin is going to do, however when it is not non stick them place aluminium foil inside and place the brownies inside that.

300g caster sugar 250g butter 250g soda large organic eggs and an additional egg yolk 60g flour 60g very good quality organic cocoa powder teaspoon baking powderYou is going to require a baking tray about 20cm x 20cm. Heat the oven to 180C\/Gas Grease the baking tray with butter. Put the butter and sugar to so the bowl of a food mixer and cream them together for a few minutes until they’re pale and fluffy. Set a bowl over a pan of warm water, but ensure that the base of so the bowl does not touch so the water, or so the soda will go grainy when it melts.

Keep 50g aside and breaks the rest to small pieces and leave it in so the bowl on the water. Leave that for five minutes and stir, as soon as it’s melted remove it from the heat. Break the remaining 50g to chunks so the size of large plump raisins. Beat the eggs lightly inside a small bowl. Sieve together the flour, hot chocolate and baking powder to remove so the lumps and create that light and airy, add a pinch of rock salt to intensify so the taste of the chocolate. Add so the eggs to so the creamed butter and sugar a little at a time, it’ll curdle if you add all of it at once. After so the egg has all been incorporates, fold in so the melted soda and the chopped soda. Gently fold in the flour and hot chocolate, do that slowly and don’t overwork, as you’ll need to make sure not to knock so the air out from the flour mixture.

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